Sushi Hotel

NaoZushi is a Sushi Hotel at Nishi-no-omote Tanegashima in Japan. What is the Sushi Hotel? As it is, you can eat Sushi here and stay here. NaoZushi is not an expensive hotel. It is more like a B&B hotel so you can stay by cheap price.

3800yen / one night one person with no foods

4200yen / one night one person with breakfast

6800yen / one night one person with dinner and breakfast



We have three types of rooms. A small bedroom, a small futonroom, a large futonroom. No room has bath and shower. We have only one small bathroom for all custmors.

large futonroom

Just Lunch and Dinner

We are welcome you just having lunch or dinner without staying.

To reserve

Call 0997-23-3711. Please note that the owner of NaoZushi CANNOT speak English. Please choose easy words or use Japanese. Also, you can pay by cash only. Paying by any cards is not available.

More Information

There are some links to Japanese pages. Even you cannot read Japanese, you can see some pictures to know about NaoZushi.

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